We invite you to join our project and present a fun and creative workshop for children at your zoo.

We are doing Obake creation workshop project called "Animal Shuffle", based on Project*1. In this workshop, children create their own animal images by combining parts of existing animals with their imagination, just like people have been producing imaginary creatures inspired by real animals.

Right now Yokohama Zoolasia in Japan is planning to host one of such workshop in June.

If you decide to give "Animal Shuffle" at your zoo, please keep it free for children. Contact us for more details about organizing costs.
*1 About Workshop: In workshop, participants conceive "Obake", which means ghosts or monsters in Japanese, from the things of their surroundings. It is a project for children to review the environments they are living in. Mr. Atsushi Kasao, associate professor of Faculty of Arts at Tokyo Polytechnic University, joins the project as a supervisor. Please visit our website for detail.Obacation

1. Select a few animal images you like and color them.

2. Break the colored animal images into several parts, shuffle the parts, and rearrange them to create new animals. Please name the new animals you created and write their profiles like where they live and what they are like.

3. When you finish, please take a picture of the created animal with your digital camera and send the image to our office in Japan by E-mail.

4. Within 10 minutes, one of our staff illustrators will create an illustration image based on the animal image you created.

5. You can print out the illustration and give them out as gifts.

6. After the workshop, we will offer an attractive illustrated book to the participated zoos. In this book, you will be able to see the crated new Obake characters, original ideas by the participated children, and the animals the children saw at the zoo in the beginning.

7. If you decided to participate this project, please send the list of the animal's in your zoo by E-mail. Then, we will prepare the coloring images for your workshop based on your list.


We need some rehearsal beforehand.

Necessary Equipments.

  • PCs (Windows / Macintosh) connected to the Internet
  • printers
  • digital cameras or scanners

The coloring papers and the crayon will be included in the workshop package we provide.